The Blue Line - Two Sides of Kista

Written and videographed by: Krisztina Mike

Imagine that you live in 'that' part of the capital city, where it is separated by the underground, going overground.  At first it doesn't sounds surprising, it is not a big deal. Though when you arrive to the station and decide to go for a walk, the difference between the two sides are shocking. At one side everything is super modern, skyscrapers, office building complexes, restaurants, shopping malls and the university. At the other side everything gets a bit more shady, dusty, crumbling. You start your way, but you feel a bit uneasy.

Why? What is wrong with me?

Nothing is wrong with you. But with this precise construction - even if the designers and builders weren't aware of their future effect - they have created a barricade in the city, which strengthens the difference and the tension between the two sides of Kista. Is there a solution to overcome this uneasiness? Could we create a transition between the two area?

It only depends on the people who live there, and the way of their thinking. If you can change that, to live in the area, even when separated by the train, shouldn't stop you to be opened and engage time to spend equally in both of the area, without the hint of doubt.

Kista is a city within Stockholm, divided by the Stockholm metro blue line. This multimedia project presents Kista as a whole, but with the fact of the separation. The aim of this project was to raise a question and a controversial feeling in the viewer.